1. About Wild Instincts Africa™

Wild Instincts Africa™ is a well-established tour company with many years of experience in handling both domestic tourists and international tourists from all over the world.

Our ability to design unique gorilla trekking tours and safaris to fit every type of tourist pocket, from their budget to the luxury providing a unique opportunity to combine bush and beach adventures with East Africa’s spectacular scenery is the number one reason why you should book with us.

If you are interested in a vacation that provides a huge sense of personal recreation while still being fun, exciting, relaxing, and adventurous and rewarding, we suggest you have a look at our wide range of tours and travel packages offering the following services to travelers;

  • Travel consultation and
  • holiday packaging
  • Hotel booking,
  • Airport Transfers,
  • Excursions and safaris,
  • Family Holiday Packages
  • Honeymoon Packages

Wild Instincts Africa™ is run by a team of professionals who are passionate about safari adventures with a wide range of knowledge in the Tourism business but above all, they understand well the needs of today’s tourists by delivering quality, personalized and impeccable service that exceeds our client’s expectations.

So what makes Wild Instincts Africa™?
The simple answer is that we are all guides and since we are effectively our product, we have a direct interest in the Safaris with which we assist. The guide who works with you during your tour will also be the person who assists you with preparations before the tour ensuring that your itineraries offer the best experience without undue time constraints or operational hitches.
Our fleet of 4X4 Safari-Jeeps is equipped with pop-up hatches where you have 360 degrees view possibility, Cooler boxes, First Aid-Kits, Binoculars, Maps and Guide books that provide our guests with a guide to common wildlife most likely to be encountered during the course of a safari in the National Parks.