African Golden Cats in Uganda ~ Caracal aurata

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  2. African Golden Cats in Uganda
  • Life span: 12 years
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Height: 38 - 55 cm


The African golden cats in Uganda they are wild spread and sited in most forested national parks except Semliki national park :The African Golden Cat Caracal aurata is one of the least-known felids in the world. About twice the size of a domestic cat, they are medium sized but sturdy, powerful animals, with stout, relatively short legs and large paws. There are two colour forms: golden/reddish brown and silvery/dark slate-grey. Both red and grey phases occur in the same areas, but few melanistic specimens have been recorded.

The underparts are whitish, and the belly and inner sides of the limbs can have variable amounts of dark spotting. There are four different coat patterns found throughout the Golden cat’s range: spotted all over; spots on the back and neck indistinct; no pattern except on flanks; and no pattern except on belly and inner legs. Spotting is more extensive in western populations. Their head is relatively small with a fairly large muzzle, irises of green to golden brown. Small white patches are visible around the eyes, mouth and along the cheeks. The backs of the small, rounded ears are black. The tail is less than half of the head body length, and has a dark line on the upper side, a dark tip and is often banded with darker rings.

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