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Queen Elizabeth National Park Home of Ugandan Safaris

The most famous savanna park in Uganda is the Queen Elizabeth National Park and the best place to see lions, including the Tree Climbing lions, making it the ideal destination for a Uganda Wildlife Safari. It boasts a wide range of habitats, including: lakes, grasslands of Savannah, forests and wetlands that house the largest variety of large mammals in the nation.

One wonders where Queen Elizabeth National Park is located. Well, it is located in the western part of Uganda, lying between Lakes Gorge and Albert, with the Kazinga Channel passing through its 700 square miles of land. The park was named after the Queen of England after her visit in 1954.

The park is home to 618 bird species, the sixth largest in the world and the highest in Africa, making it the best destination for Uganda Birding Safaris, as well as 10 primate species such as chimpanzees and 95 mammals, as well as large game.

Tree Climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Wildlife & Animals – Queen Elizabeth National Park

This is the most reliable park in Uganda for lion, which is particularly common on the grassy Kasenyi Plains but is more famous for its tree-climbing antics in the Ishasha sector. Huge herds of buffalo and elephant are found in the savannah areas of the park and an amazing number of hippo inhabit the Kazinga channel on which daily boat trips are conducted.

Tree-climbing lions are a specialty of the Ishasha sector of the park, where they can often be found resting in huge fig trees. Giant forest hog, is unusually easy to see, both on drives and boat trips. Buffalo are particularly attractive as they are often reddish brown due to interbreeding with forest buffalo from neighboring Congo. Chimp trekking is available in the steamy, tropical forest of Kyambura Gorge. Read more about Wildlife in Queen Elizabeth national park

game drive in Queen Elizabeth National park

Attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Tree Climbing Lions: Visit the Southern Ishasha area to join these widely seen lions of the fig trees and acacia trees with only two populations from these special lions around the world.

The Kazinga Channel, a natural canal that links the Albert and Gorge lakes, has numerous hippos, nile crocodiles, elephants and hippos that are easy to see on the Kazinga Boat Trip.

The plains of Kasenyi: tourists on the Uganda Wildlife Safari visit these plains, and they have a great number of antelopes, Uganda Kobs, lions and other other predators to see.

Kalinzu Forest: this is a very satisfying chimpanzee tracking activity and is situated on the southeast corner of the park.

The Kyambura Gorge: this green forested valley, 100 meters wide, with its peculiarity, is home to a large number of primates and is famous for the Chimpanzee Tracking Tours in Uganda.

Mweya Peninsular: this is a strip of land protruding into Lake Edwards that is frequently visited during game drives as it provides ideal game views when exploring the different game tracks.

Lake Katwe Salt Works: Salt mining in alkaline Lake Katwe has been going on for many years as it is the main economic operation in the region. As a result, a substantial number of visitors come here to study and experience the conventional method of salt mining.

The Crater Lake of Katwe: those lakes located on the highest elevation of the park in the northern part. From here, visitors enjoy sweeping views of the Rwenzori Mountains, the western rift valley and the George and Edward Reservoirs.

Queen Elizabeth National Park Map

Queen Elizabeth National Park Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Queen Elizabeth National Park is known for its abundant wildlife, including African elephant, African buffalo, Ugandan kob, hippopotamus, topi, waterbuck, warthog, giant forest hog, Nile crocodile, leopard, Spotted hyena, and lion. Overall, the park is home to 95 mammal species and over 600 bird species.

Amazing things to do in Queen Elizaneth National Park

  • Wildlife Game Drive / Game Watching
  • Sight seeing at Katwe salt minning
  • Chimpanzee tracking in Kyambura george
  • Crater lakes sight seeing / Crater Drive
  • Sight seeing at Twin Lakes
  • Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise
  • Kalinzu Chimpanee Tracking
  • Bird Watching
  • Lion Tracking
  • Camping

Queen Elizabeth National Park is open all-year-long, but wildlife viewing is at its best from January to February and June to July (the Dry seasons). However, this scenic park is at its most beautiful in the Wet seasons from March to May and August to December.

The Queen Elizabeth National Park is generally regarded as a safe tourist destination. It’s the most-visited national park in Uganda, with safaris offering the opportunity to see tree-climbing lions, herds of buffalo, elephants and hippos.

Size: 1,978km². Queen Elizabeth spans the equator line; monuments on either side of the road mark the exact spot where it crosses latitude 00. The park was founded in 1952 as Kazinga National Park, and renamed two years later to commemorate a visit by Queen Elizabeth II.

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