1. Uganda Motorbike Safaris – Gorilla Tours & Wildlife Safaris

Uganda Motorbike Safaris – Gorilla Tours & Wildlife Safaris

Uganda Motorbike Safaris with Wild Instincts Africa, we are naturally curious about your safari expectations, this will help us turn your African safari into a memorable moment. Experiencing Uganda safari on a motorbike expedition with us gives you a much sought for adventure in Africa. We have arrange group tours every month of up to 8 members. We also do tailor made private safaris where by you get to choose the safari destinations you want and or safari expert helps you to design a suitable itinerary for you.

Frequent Asked Question (FAQ) on Uganda Motorbike Safaris

This is when you get to explore Uganda’s Natural beauty (Do Gorilla trekking and Wildlife Safaris in different national parks) while riding a motorbike. This gives you a chance to get the most of out of your safari in Africa. We organize group biking tours every month you can book now so that you can be on our next Uganda Motorbike safari.

The cost of Motorbike safari depends on the destinations you want to be included. The number of days and accommodation type. But our scheduled (Monthly) Uganda Motorbike safaris range from $1,600 – $2,500 per person. But We are flexible to tailor make your motorbike safari to suite your expectations. We can also combine it with Uganda Flying safaris. Where you can start with a motorbike and end with flying to give you both the aerial view and terrestrial view of the Uganda’s natural beauty.

The best motorbike a safaris in Uganda are are those that involve multiple activities and different destinations. For example; 10 Days Uganda Motorbike Gorilla Trekking Safari, includes Gorilla trekking and Wildlife safaris where one get to see different scenery in Uganda an visit different national parks.

Although Motorcycle / Motorbike safaris in Uganda can be done all year round, The best time for Motorcycle / Motorbike safaris in Uganda is during the dry season. and that is during the months of June, July, August, September and also December, January.

The minimum age required to take a Motorcycle / Motorbike safaris in Uganda is 21 years. However we have no age restriction when it comes to passengers in the backup vehicle but we recommend prior booking when coming to be part of the backup vechicle passenger and also prior experience in riding too.

We strongly recommend coming with a rain gear, why?, Because most to the nature of our itineraries, we go to different places with different different weather patterns including Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. Besides that it is always best to bring your rider gear from home that you feel most comfortable with however should you forget this at home, not to worry, we have rain gear available at our main Wild Instincts Africa head office in Kampala.

Yes, When you feel tired or not feeling well or in need of rest, you can always join the back up vehicle. Why we allow this, is because your safety and well-being when on Motorbike safaris with us is our number one priority.

Uganda Motorbike Safaris